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What I Do

During my project for the German national competition for young scientists, I constructed a small jet engine to show that my self-conceived water alcohol injection method can have very positive effects on its performance regarding CO2-emissions, operating temperature, fuel consumption and lifespan.


Who I Am

I’m Philipp Sinnewe, an 18-year-old student from Germany. I just won the German national competition for young scientists with my self made jet engine. In my leisure I like it to build and fly RC-controlled aeroplanes and to sail.


My Research

The general idea is it to use the exhausted heat of the jetengine that would normally be wasted, by injecting a mixture of water and different kinds of alcohol. Operating the engine not only with kerosene but with an adjustable mixture of all these substances can decrease the operating temperature while increasing the trust and the material lifespan. Furthermore you will emit significantly less carbon dioxide as the fuel now consists partly of water and the in comparison to kerosene cleaner incinerating alcohol.

Say Hello.

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